5 women’s fragrances that men like

According to perfumers, and psychologists agree with them, there are certain ingredients, quite often included in the composition of fragrances that attract the opposite sex on a subconscious level. And men follow a woman like snakes after their charmers, not daring to turn away not only their heads, but even their thoughts from the object of adoration.

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Armani Beauty

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Maestro Giorgio Armani releases a brand new fragrance My Way, created for purposeful and confident girls who know what they want and where they are going. But in addition to such a strong social position, the novelty has another focus aimed at environmental friendliness. We want to make a reservation right away that this is a 100% feminine fragrance, but in which so many ingredients adored by men are mixed: tuberose, bergamot, Madagascar vanilla, jasmine, white cedar and musk. That is, it turns out that women will be crazy about this perfume, and men will be crazy about women who wear this fragrance. Perfect!

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But back to environmental friendliness: My Way is Giorgio Armani’s first fragrance, marking the beginning of the brand’s five—year program aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment and combating climate change. To be more precise, this novelty is made up of environmentally friendly ingredients, and its bottle and packaging are made of recycled and recyclable materials. In addition, the fragrance will be released in the form of refills (refillable bottle), which will significantly reduce waste. And the last news: Adria Archona, a very independent, intelligent, prejudice-free actress, will represent My Way.

The fragrance will be on sale on August 10, but until August 23 it will be available exclusively in the online store of the brand, as well as in its own boutique Armani Beauty in the Atrium shopping mall on the Earthen Rampart. And after August 23, it will be on the shelves of all stores across the country.


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To be honest, men love sweet vanilla smells, which they associate with confectionery or homemade pastries. And one of the best representatives of this caste is fragrances from the legendary Angel collection from Mugler. In August 2020, a new star will appear in this angelic universe — Angel Nova eau de toilette, in which notes of raspberry, lychee, damask rose and akigalawood synthetic substance are mixed (it resembles the smell of patchouli with a spicy-oud-woody accent). And here again it will not do without a small revolution, but this time it concerns the biotechnology of upcycling (Mugler promised this technology for a year), with which this perfume water was created.

The fact is that the Damask rose was first distilled (the classic process of generating natural residues). Upcycling involves the reuse of rose petals after distillation instead of destroying them. This method is used for the first time in perfumery production and allows not only to save plant resources by obtaining two extracts from one flower, but also to create exclusive and high-quality raw materials from waste not through recycling, but by an enzymatic method. In a word — bravo, Mugler!

Zadig & Voltaire

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Another sweet fragrance Girls Can Be Crazy by Zadig & Voltaire, which was invented by Quentin Bichat. He reinterpreted classic fougere compositions and mixed wild pear, musky vanilla, patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood and Coca-Cola (unexpectedly!). As a result, the novelty turned out to be very ringing, memorable and incredibly persistent (the train will drag behind you all evening or all day).

As you may have guessed, Girls Can Be Crazy is the third fragrance from the Girls Can… collection, which, unlike its predecessors, has changed into a shiny pink “outfit”, which attracts even more attention to it. This novelty will be on sale in August, and it will be possible to purchase it only in the perfume and cosmetics chain “L’Etoile”.


L’Occitane has two intoxicating and intoxicating (in a good sense of the word) flavors at once: “Verbena” (in the classical reading) and “Verbena-citrus” (a small experiment). Recall that since ancient times witches used vervain in love potions and love spells. In the mentioned novelties, this is the main ingredient around which the whole composition is built.

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The classic version of the fragrance uses organic verbena grown by farmers in Provence, which gives a light lemon note. And in the second, lemon and grapefruit extracts were added to it, as a result of which the smell turned out to be even more invigorating. And yes, by the way, unlike their colleagues in this collection, these two new items are already on free sale.