Taking care of your hands

Hands give away a woman’s age at first sight. And the condition of the nails says a lot about your neatness, status and how you feel about yourself. By the way, all homework should be done only with gloves – otherwise the skin will become rough and it will be extremely difficult to restore its silkiness.

In the morning and evening, as well as after household chores, apply hand cream – it is designed to nourish and restore skin cells. Do not forget about the nails as well. It is not necessary to sign up for a manicure with a fashionable master – it is enough to treat the nails with a glass nail file once a week and push the cuticle with a wooden stick. To cover the nails with varnish or not is a matter of taste.

Fighting stress

Irritation and anger have not decorated anyone yet. Do you agree? In addition, constant tension not only leads to the appearance of wrinkles, but also becomes a favorable background for a whole bunch of diseases.

Getting rid of stress, again, is promoted by dosed physical activity, especially stretching and balance exercises. Regular massage also helps – as a means of relieving fatigue, improving blood circulation and relaxing tense muscles. Try to go to bed early, get up early and sleep at least 8 hours a day (by the way, women need to sleep more than men). And again: smile more often – it suits everyone!