Taking care of the figure

If possible, the figure should be slim and fit. But if you are naturally the owner of magnificent forms, this does not mean that you need to give up on yourself. An energetic, well–trained body is in any case a more effective weapon than lethargy and cellulite. Blood should not stagnate!

Constantly work on strengthening the muscles of the arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and abs. The main option is, of course, regular sports. But not the only one. If there is not enough time or laziness overcomes, you need to look for other ways. The easiest way is to ask your soulmate to give you a massage or buy a convenient massager for the whole body.

Skin Care

Beautiful silky skin up to 18 years old can be a gift of nature, not your merit. But as you get older, you have to pay more and more attention to it. After all, cosmetics hide flaws for a while, but it does not help to get rid of them for good. We will assume that we have dealt with the “orange peel” in the previous paragraph. What about age-related wrinkles, clogged pores and roughened skin on the legs?

Only clean skin can be beautiful! Moreover, it is necessary to remove not only dirt, but also dead particles – special means, for example, scrubs or pumice stone, will help in this. To protect the skin from premature wrinkles, it needs to be regularly nourished and moisturized. Do not expose your face and body to the aggressive sun, and if this is unavoidable, use a protective cream. Make cosmetic masks regularly. Avoid contact with cold air in winter. And do not rub the skin with a towel – just press and let the moisture soak in.