December 5, 2022

1 Minute

1Massage treatments

Toning massage relaxes, soothes. It includes caring for a girl with pleasant massage treatments. You can work out the chest and shoulder girdle with a tennis ball. Such daily self-care requires a minimum of free time.

2 Sun protection

In the hot season, care should be taken to protect the skin from UV rays. You need to take care of yourself every day to prevent photoaging of the skin. SPF 10 protection is enough for urban conditions, but too little for hot […]

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1 Minute


How to properly take care of yourself using decorative products? Daytime makeup should not be too bright. For an evening make-up, you should carefully select decorative means, taking into account the type of your appearance. These self-care tips are relevant for all women.


1 Hair care

When caring for hair, it is important to cleanse them. Different types of hair require different care. How to take care of a girl with oily hair type? It is recommended to wash your hair every […]

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