October 2022

4 Minutes

5 women’s fragrances that men like

According to perfumers, and psychologists agree with them, there are certain ingredients, quite often included in the composition of fragrances that attract the opposite sex on a subconscious level. And men follow a woman like snakes after their charmers, not daring to turn away not only their heads, but even their thoughts from the object of adoration.

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Armani Beauty

5 women’s fragrances that men like photo […]

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5 Minutes

Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and three other most successful women in politics

Today Angela Merkel celebrates her 66th birthday. On this occasion, U magazine brought together several women whose influence on politics is indisputable.

Margaret Thatcher

The Iron Lady had iron principles. In 1981, Thatcher returned to the treasury 20 pounds spent on an ironing board bought for personal needs. And so it was in everything: the prime minister rarely changed her decisions and rarely gave in to someone, usually they gave in to her. There are exceptions to this rule, however. When Thatcher […]

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